Naples United Church of Christ (NUCC) is a place for our members and visitors to pursue their individual faith journeys and engage in our communities. To align our digital spaces with our physical spaces, we have created this guide to ethical standards for social media use.

NUCC will use social…

A brand I love is Oatly. Oatly makes great tasting oat milk and oat milk based products, like cream for coffee, oatgurt (yogurt alternative), ice creams, and chocolate oat milk. Not only does it make products I regularly purchase, but its marketing and branding is a breath of fresh air.


The social media campaign to promote Free Guy will cover the pre, during and post promotional phases of the film. We will show how social media through content, partnerships, and posting schedules will drive people to the theatres to watch the film in person.


The overall style of…

Case Study: Ohio Tuition Trust Authority

Brand: CollegeAdvantage


1. Parents/Caretakers w/younger or older children

2. Grandparents

3. Other Family

4. Godparents/Family Friends

It’s important to address the majority of our account holders most of the time, parents and grandparents, but other family and friends can also be acknowledged.


Niche social platforms allow users specific reasons for organizing other than just to be social, which makes them different from major social sites like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. People become members of these niche socials in order to be social about a particular topic. Some are industry focused, like Houzz…

Flickr and other photo sharing sites emerged from the digital landscape around 2003 and made photo sharing mainstream (McFadden, 2020). Flickr was founded in 2004 but got its start as a side project to an online game called Game Neverending (McCracken, 2014). The site appealed to people for multiple reasons…

Jessica LR Espada

Fulltime mom and grad student. Living in Florida, raised in Ohio. Known to swear frequently. Flattery will get you everywhere but timing is everything.

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